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Designing Mobile Application

“Rero” offers professionally designed mobile applications of any complexity. Applications made by us are simple, comfortable, and most importantly aesthetic. Our purpose is to develop an application, that is not only technical success but also visually unique.

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Process of Designing

  • Discussion of functionality and visuals
  • Selecting starting look and layout for website: determining the color palette, and defining the visual identity for the application. That is followed by reviewing our choices with clients to finalize and establish preferred layouts and designs.
  • Implementing functionality
  • Refinement of chosen visual design, finalizing, and integrating into the application’s functionality.

Time Needed for Developing

Time spent on designing mobile applications is heavily dependent on the complexity, type, and diversity of websites. The process of developing generally takes around 2-4 months. Whilst working on the project, our developers are flexible to change, and completely transparent to our clients, to achieve maximum satisfaction. The client always has information about the developing stage.

Implemented Technology

We use widespread, tested, and qualitative methods and programming languages to build and develop mobile applications.

React Native

For the fastest results “Rero” uses React Native, which enables us to develop an application for Android and IOS at the same time. In addition to this, this programming language has the ability to show a live preview of the product they are developing, which ultimately provides developers with more time for developing and cuts the time needed for testing. For every industry, it is vital to complete projects as quickly and efficiently as possible, and React Native provides resources for quick development. It is worth mentioning that since code is not written separately for IOS and Android, it is not required to keep a separate database for them. Applications will require only one database, which reduces the size needed for storage by half. Moreover, it is simpler and more comfortable to integrate third-party applications or plugins into the mobile application, which is specifically written in React Native. This helps our clients smoothly add small changes to the finished application after our project is complete.


For the application’s reachability, it needs to be easily searchable for users. Well-designed SEO enables the mobile application to be ranked higher while searching in “Google” or any other search engine. Respectively, It is vital for any business to be ranked higher than its competitors while searching for products/services. High-quality SEO is the most important element in digital marketing. Needless to say, the application will be the top search in Play Store or App Store, or any other application platform.


Once the application is established and the project is completed, it is very important that our clients will have the ability to modify their final application as they see fit. We offer our clients an easy-to-change environment. Only minimal knowledge will be required to add content or change specific information about an already created and well-structured mobile application. In addition, Rero offers staff training to better understand how to create, edit, and delete content. All of the above ensures that our services will not be needed after the project is completed.

Mobile Games

“Rero” designs not only applications but also mobile games. Since the main occupation of our company is to develop games, it is fair to say that we do this the best. We possess the most experience in game development. Games created by us are oriented to be aesthetic and to match the brand it is presenting, – we aim to precisely represent the idea of the brand with interesting and fun gameplay. The price for mobile game development is vastly different from standard mobile applications.

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