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ReRo is a digital art studio whose vast creative expertise area includes any instance of media, that can be created and designed using modern technologies.


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About what we do

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Our nerdy collective is incredibly versatile – the studio’s specialty, very generally, includes software development, audio-visual art, and any combination of these two.

Therefore, the studio offers every service the companies, organizations, and artists may need for their web-based or any other digital work.

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software Engineering

We Develop software, websites, web & mobile appplications.

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We make PC and mobile games.

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We create visual art.

At Rero, cultural projects are especially appreciated. Apart from commercial collaborations, the studio’s main objective is to generate unique ideas that, using modern technologies,

will fill the sociocultural and intellectual gaps. If you have ideas, plans, or projects that share this spirit, contact us and we will help you to bring it to life.