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Designing Website

“Rero” designs professional websites of any type. We create unique websites, which stand out with their artistic and aesthetic virtue. “Rero” has a huge experience in designing complex websites, using modern, standardized technology.

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Here, at “Rero”, the price of designing a website is determined by its functionality, design features, and size. To better understand our pricing system, refer to our price table below. These numbers can vary from website to website.

Small Business Website1,000 – 4,000 $
Blog Website 1,500 – 4,500 $
Corporate Website2,500 – 20,000 $
Product Catalogue3,000 – 25,000 $
Online Store (E – Commerce)3,500 – 30,000 $

Process of Designing

  • Discussion of functionality and visuals.
  • Selecting starting look and layout for website: determining the color palette, and defining the visual identity for the website. This is followed by reviewing our choices with clients to finalize and establish preferred layouts and designs.
  • Implementing functionality.
  • Refinement of chosen visual design, finalizing, and integrating into the website’s functionality.

Time Needed for Development

The time spent on designing a website is dependent on the complexity, type, and functionality of the website. Regardless, the process of development usually does not go above 30 days. During working on the website, our developers are flexible to changes, and completely transparent to our clients, to achieve maximum satisfaction. The client always has information regarding the stage of development.

Implemented Technology

At “Rero” we use methods that are well-known in the industry. They are fast and qualitative methods for designing websites.


For developing classic websites, the WordPress engine is the most efficient and cheap. Because of its built-in functions, websites created by WordPress are technically optimized. Furthermore, These built-in functions also speed up the process of development. WordPress engine is compatible with any modern system, and websites designed by WordPress are stable, – they are most adaptable to updates. It must be said that, our developers are quick to react to any change clients might request. That enables us, and the client, to iterate through many variations of the website, in a small span of time.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For the website’s reachability, it needs to be easily searchable for users. Well-designed SEO enables the website to be ranked higher while searching in “Google” or any other search engine. Respectively, It is vital for any business to be ranked higher than its competitors while searching for certain products/services. High-quality SEO is the most important element in digital marketing.


After establishing the architecture of the website and finalizing the project, it is highly important for our clients to have the ability to change their website as they see fit. We provide our clients with an easily changeable environment for the website. Only minimum knowledge will be required to add content or change specific information about an already created and well-structured website. In addition to this, “Rero” offers training staff, to give a better understanding of content creation/removal.


Designing a website that is optimized for only high-resolution screens is unprofessional. The website needs to be optimized for small screens such as mobile and tablets. We need to consider developing for smaller resolution devices separately, to create content suitable for all devices.


For the website to fully exist, and be accessible for the public, it needs to be stored on a web server. Quality of the server is a big consideration, – to provide the highest quality websites, servers need to be fast, long-lasting, and have a higher capacity for data storage. “Rero” provides hosting and running websites along with designing them. We provide our clients with the safest, fastest, and most stable servers where your websites will be running. In addition to this, we will provide each website with official email addresses associated with website URLs (e. g. info@mysite.com).

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